Tarmac Contractors

Edwards Surfacing are specialist Tarmac Contractors and have a wealth of experience in the application of Asphalt and Macadam products, providing a variety of finishes. We operate both handlay and machine lay teams so can accommodate projects of varying scales, from potholes and driveways to Wembley Stadium.

Using a specialist Tarmacadam Contractor is particularly beneficial when it comes to the finish of a job. While groundwork contractors and builders may have some experience in laying asphalt and macadam, understanding the range of materials on offer and having the relationships with suppliers in order to provide the service at a competitive price is where we excel.

As a Tarmac company we also provide the services that work alongside the laying of asphalt and macadam including lining, surface dressing and groundworking.

Ken, Simon, Leigh and our ‘Man on the Ground’ Steve are experts in the construction and application of asphalt and macadam (known as Tarmac) and can easily shed light on any project.

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to provide a quotation and we invite you to use our Contact Form, give us a call on 01296 714445 or email [email protected].