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Beachborough Independent Prep School

Westbury, Brackley, Northants

Beachborough School has an idyllic setting on the edge of the village of Westbury, Northamptonshire. It was founded in 1910 and is set around a 17th century Manor House, but with a modern outlook their facilities are continuously being updated and improved.

We have formed a strong relationship with the school over recent years and hope that this can continue as they look to improve their facilities. We have carried out a number of jobs at the school, the most recent of which was completed earlier this month. Below is a look at some more specific works we have carried out.

New Overflow Car Park

Their existing overflow car park was an area of levelled crushed rock, or MOT Type 1, which served it’s purpose but would become claggy in wet weather and dusty in dry. It was a bit of an eyesore positioned between the old Manor House and the brand new all-weather sports pitch. Here we installed 105m of new pre-cast concrete flat top edgings to the perimeter of the area, levelled the existing MOT Type 1 material and laying two course asphalt surfacing, finishing in a hard wearing 10mm SMA (Stone Mastic Asphalt). With an area like this the importance of getting the levels correct from the first edging laid is paramount and affects the finish of the whole area. Taking our time and ensuring accuracy of these groundworks from the very start resulted in a successful completion of this area.

Existing Car Park Overlay

The condition of the existing car parks was solid and sound, but required a new surface course and some minor preparation works such as the installation of new kerbing to widen the car park entrance. We used a planing machine, supplied by N Clark Planing Ltd, and hand held hydraulic breakers to adjust the levels of isolated areas of the existing car parks, such as around manholes and at the school entrance, to allow for new surface course overlay. We applied a tack coat to the existing to improve adhesion and laid a 10mm SMA surface course. Theses area finished really well and tied in nicely with the new extension car park.

New Resin Bound Footpaths

These works involved installing another 100m of PCC flat top edgings to create new walk ways for students outside the front of the school and up the entrance drive. Again, setting the correct levels for these took a lot of care and was executed by our operatives in a timely and accurate fashion. Following some level adjustments to the existing by laying asphalt binder course to isolated areas, the Resin Bound surfacing was applied for a striking finish.

Entrance Drive

Due to the deterioration of the entrance drive we had to remove the existing surface and binder course to this area by excavator / digger and planer to ensure the new surfacing would last. We laid an AC20 (20mm Asphalt Concrete) binder course to these areas and then laid a continuation of the 10mm SMA from the car parks up the drive to the school entrance

Asphalt Footpaths

As part of their continuing improvement to the school we have returned to Beachborough to carry out Asphalt Surfacing overlay to existing footpaths. This is a great way to improve the aesthetics of a deteriorating but solid footpath and alleviate trip hazards.


The new car parks and entrance road were finish off with Thermoplastic Lining, making the most of the available space and creating a new drop-off area.

Mark Edwards
Surveyor, Edwards Surfacing

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