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Recent Domestic Driveways

We carry out many domestic projects, as well as our other works in the contsruction industry and for commercial clients. Here’s some more recent driveway jobs with various preparation works, all with different challenges, and all with a fine finish from our operatives.

Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes

It isn’t often that we arrive to assess a job and the majority of the preparation work has been done. In this case the client had already installed edgings to a high standard and prepared a solid sub base foundation. Before laying the 2 course macadam surfacing, we installed an extra 4 tonnes of MOT Type 1 sub base to adjust the levels to the correct depths. We then installed an AC20 binder course, laid at 60mm depth, and a 6mm Cemex ViaDrive surface course laid at 25-30mm. This surface course is specially designed for driveways and delivered hot and on time meant a fine finish from our operatives.

Other brands have similar products, such as Aggregate Industries Superdrive, MQP Maxidrive, or Tarmac Ultidrive.

Jordans, Chalfont St Giles

This was a typical overlay job, with some preparation works carried out in the days before. Before overlaying any area, we must make sure that what we’re laying on top of is good and solid, and that and cracked or crazed areas are removed or treated. We have to remove any existing surface course at kerbs, edgings, and any drainage or service boxes to allow for a neat and flush tie-in with the existing levels. You can read more about whether an overlay is the best, or whether a full construction is required here.

Following our preparation, we would regulate any low areas and then lay 25-30mm depth of the new surface course, and again here we used a driveway specific product for the best finish and longevity.

Evenley, Brackley, Northants

This was a much more involved preparation job that the others mentioned so far with the client wanting to extend their drive onto a large grass area. This required excavating the grass to allow for the correct depth of sub base, binder and surface course macadam, and installing edgings to the perimeter of this new area. This can be time consuming at first as setting out the correct levels for drainage and to tie-in to the existing drive is essential. Following this preparation work we laid a new binder course upon the new sub base, regulated the existing concrete drive, and overlaid with a specialised driveway surface course, giving the client a smart, new extended driveway.

You can find our more about edging options here.

New Bradwell, Nr Wolverton, Bucks

This driveway renovation was done a few days before this summer’s heat wave, where local temperatures reached 38 degrees. These conditions are a real test for our operatives who did an excellent job in preparing and overlaying this sloped driveway. Following the installation of any new surfacing it is important to look after your new drive. In most cases its ok to park on your new drive a day or two after the surface course has been laid. In this case we asked our clients to leave the drive a couple more days to let the surface cure. Even so, following this came the really high temperatures so we’re pleased to say that having re-visited this site to assess how well the new drive coped in the heat, the specialist Viadrive surface course from Cemex has coped really well and the finish is a testament to the quality of our operatives and the material delivered.

For more information or to discuss solutions for your driveway, you can contact us here. 

Mark Edwards
Surveyor, Edwards Surfacing

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